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Parents who have experienced a decline in memory, may even completely forget, certainly need extra supervision. As experienced by the following father. He was found unidentified and in a grievous condition.

This man was found in the Permata area beside Ateja with a torn head. This man was immediately taken to Gadobangkong IMC Hospital and received 8 stitches on his head.

Mr. This was found on March 15 in the Cimareme area, Ngamprah, Bandung. He was crying over what happened to him. A netizen with the account name @pchntas_ shared a thread about this father.

The tweet, which was made on March 15, has now been retweeted 13,000 times and liked by 10,000 Twitter users. Warganet flooded the comments column of this post.

One of them gave quite encouraging information. Here is the reply.

Hopefully this father can be reunited with his family soon and can return home.

Grandpa’s Latest Information Has Been Helped and Under in the Hospital

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