Sales From Morning, Grandpa’s Trade Hasn’t Sold Yet, Seeing It Makes Sad – 1NEWS

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His name is Pak Suharisno, every day he sells toys using his old bicycle so that his wife and children can eat.

Now Mr. Suharisno continues to work on selling toys and making his own creative ideas, and the toys are made of imitation and paralon materials, assembled by magic into a children’s toy.

It’s been almost 20 years since Mr. Suharisno has been pedaling his bicycle while selling toys, he feels tired because he is already getting old, he is 58 years old but still pedals his old bicycle for a family meal at home.

Often times Mr. Suharisno doesn’t come home with money because he hasn’t sold it yet As for selling, usually when it’s crowded, it can sell 4 to 6 pieces, but that’s rare if a day often you buy at least 1 to 4 pieces while the money you get at most 30,000 is enough to eat 1 time.

Not infrequently Mr. Suharisno often endures hunger and thirst, because all day no one buys anything. If you have money, you always remember your children and wife, so you just buy food for them.

The sweat dripping down his forehead and back As if not setting aside time to grumble, or complain, Whatever happens in front of him, he is determined to never stop earning a living. The sustenance of his own sweat, His tiredness and sweat wipe his already hot body while pedaling a bicycle that hangs several children’s toys, while feeling hungry.

Even more heartbreaking, Even when he was hit by illness, Mr. Suharisno had to keep selling his bicycle, which was filled with toys, to get a bite.i

“Sometimes I can’t pedal, but remember my wife and family at home,” he said, shaking because he had not eaten.

“Often no one buys it, you are confused about how to feed your wife and family at home”

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