So the suspect of blasphemy, Muhammad Kece, refuses to apologize for…

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M Disappointed when arrested by the police.  Photo: St.

YouTuber Muhammad Kece has recently been in the spotlight because his content on YouTube is considered to have insulted religion. On Tuesday (24/8), M Kece was also arrested by the police on the island of Bali and now his status has been determined as a suspect.

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Although he has been named a suspect, Muhammad Kece admits that he refuses to apologize for his content which is considered to contain hate speech based on ethnicity, religion, race and intergroup (SARA). This statement was conveyed by M Kece to the police while undergoing an examination, which was then relayed back by his attorney, Sandi Situngkir to the media crew.

“According to the police, Pak Kece doesn’t want to apologize,” said M Kece’s attorney, Sandi, as quoted by Suara, Friday 27 August 2021.

M Disappointed when arrested by the police. Photo: St.

Sandi then explained why Muhammad Kece was reluctant to apologize for the content. He said Muhammad Kece made the content speak according to his knowledge of the Islamic religion.

“Regarding the video, Mr. Kece conveyed what he was, what he understood, what he knew,” said Sandi.

Meanwhile, according to Sandi, the police should not immediately carry out legal proceedings against Muhammad Kece. He said that his client should have received a warning first regarding his video which was considered to contain hate speech based on SARA.

Saying that, Sandi Situngkir refers to the PNPS Law Number 1 of 1965 concerning the Prevention of Abuse and/or Blasphemy of Religion.

Youtuber Muhammad Kece
Youtuber Muhammad Kece. Photo: Youtube

“Article 2 of the PNPS there should be someone who reminds. The Minister of Religion as a state official should implement Article 2, not directly encourage the police to arrest Pak Kece,” explained Sandi.

Sandi said that the government, in this case the Ministry of Religion, should have issued a warning letter to Muhammad Kece not to create content that contains elements of SARA, instead of taking legal proceedings directly.

As is known, Muhammad Kece was arrested by the police on Tuesday, August 24, 2021, at around 19.30 WITA, as a suspect in a case of alleged blasphemy. He was arrested by the police at one of his hiding locations in North Kuta, Bali. When he was arrested he was alone.

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