Surprisingly, Donnie Sibarani Ever Participated in Misguided Ways to Rituals at the Grave

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1NEWS – Donnie Sibarani, former vocalist of Ada Band, reveals his dark past when he joined a cult until he underwent a ritual at the cemetery in the middle of the night.

Donnie shared the experience of joining a cult when he was a guest on Daniel Mananta’s YouTube channel.

“I follow the association we call the power of darkness,” said Donnie, the former Ada Band when he was with Daniel Mananta recently.

Hearing that, Daniel Mananta was curious to know more about the genre called Donnie Sibarani.

“What part of religion is that? Is it from God, God? Just curious, because honestly, I’m very grateful that I’ve never experienced life in that area. But, what are you doing to the graveyard?” asked Daniel Mananta curiously.

Donnie smiled. The Fool Man singer explained, initially he was just curious with the power of darkness. Until finally Donnie believed and followed the flow.

“From here you will know yourself, can treat people, leave from there. I play to sacred places, graves, I want to test your courage,” explained Donnie Sibarani.

No mention of pan and how long Donnie Sibarani fogged up the flow. However, after a few years Donnie realized that what he was doing was not on the right track.

“I absorb everything that is not important. My life used to be very strange, like being in a crowd but being an empty person,” explained Donnie Sibarani.

Donnie said he was lucky not to have sacrificed many things and finally returned to God. He then left the dark world and made it a living experience.

“That is ignorance, the past. The power of God gives peace, joy,” concluded Donnie Sibarani.



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