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PSSI Technical Director, Indra Sjafri, has a view regarding nationalism in the Indonesian national team. According to the 58-year-old coach, the Indonesian national team, which is inhabited by talented players from all over the country, is a form of nationalism.

“In the past, football was used by this nation to unite or make our sense of nationalism really emerge,” said Indra Sjafri on the YouTube channel.

“However, over time being relegated to being wrapped up in the football industry, people finally forget that football is nationalism. With God’s permission, I proved it with the U-19 Indonesian National Team,” he continued.

The man who was born in Batang Kapas, West Sumatra, started his career as a coach in 2011. He was trusted to manage the Indonesian U-16 national team to appear in the 2012 Asian Cup qualifiers in Thailand in September 2011.

However, the Garuda Muda Team failed to qualify for the final round. Joined in Group G, the U-16 Indonesian National Team is only able to occupy third place with nine points from three wins and two defeats.

Unclear Selection Process

The failure of the Indonesian U-16 national team to compete in the 2012 Asian Cup was inseparable from the poor selection process for players. Indra Sjafri said at that time the parameters in the selection of players were not clear because they were only dominated by players from Jakarta and surrounding areas.

“When I started coaching the national team in 2011, I failed. However, I was not fired, maybe it was fate and blessing for me. Initially, the national team consisted of players from Jakarta and its surroundings,” said Indra Sjafri.

“Of the 56 players given to me in February 2011, almost 90 percent are children from Jakarta and its surroundings. The parameters for the selection of players are not clear because they are not based on world, Asian, even Southeast Asian levels.”

“Only two of the 56 who continue to pursue a career in football, namely Hargianto and Bagas Adi,” said the former Bali United coach.

Do Blusukan

The failure in the 2012 U-16 Asian Cup qualification made Indra Sjafri to evaluate. He finally made a blusukan to 34 provinces in the country to find the talents of young Indonesian footballers.

Indra Sjafri managed to get quality players from all over Indonesia. Starting from Zulfiandi (Aceh), Hendra Sandi (Aceh), Paulo Sitanggang (North Sumatra), Hansamu Yama (East Java), Evan Dimas (East Java), to Ilham Udin Armaiyn (Ternate).

Thanks to the cold hands of Indra Sjafri, these names became the foundation of the U-19 Indonesian National Team. Applying Pepepa’s playing style (short-short-long pass), the Garuda Muda Team won the 2013 AFF U-19 Cup.

“After I did the evaluation, there I felt something was not right. “Cook the Indonesian football team is only from Jakarta and its surroundings, it doesn’t show Indonesia,” said Indra Sjafri.

“I finally came from Sabang to Merauke to the 34 provinces, until finally Evan Dimas and Cs were formed. It really shows Indonesia because there are players from Aceh to Papua,” he explained.

“It does not represent all provinces, but there is fairness in team formation, there is honesty and the parameters are clear. Until finally the national team that I formed managed to become champions, “he continued.


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