The Most Annoying Phase for Boarding Children, Not Only When Billed Monthly Money!

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Migrating to another city and living by lodging is a valuable experience that not everyone is able to enjoy. Whether it’s education, work, even other matters, living in another city by boarding is a choice that many people have made for a long time. There is always a challenge that for boarding children is often considered a test of life. Starting from the emotions of being away from family, learning how to save money, and most importantly surviving in a city of people.

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Of the many things that are considered a test, the one that is considered the most annoying is when the owner of the boarding house charges a monthly fee. It is undeniable that this has become an obligation for all boarding house residents. The problem is, often these bills come at the wrong time. The monthly money is almost gone, there are no shipments yet, while the position is at the end of the month. It is natural that this one problem often makes the boarding children dizzy.

Even though there are things that are even more annoying, namely when you are in the shy phase when you ask your parents for money, but if you don’t ask, you can’t. survive

Illustration of financial problems / Credit: Pexels Cottonbro

The ages of 20-25 years are indeed a trial for many people, especially those who choose to live far from their parents. Usually, at that age we are still in college, and maybe we are entering the beginning of the world of work. Income is certainly not much, just to eat everyday you have to save the maximum. It is at these times that the boarding children often become indecisive. Asking parents for money is already embarrassed because they feel they should be able to live alone, but if they don’t ask, they can’t either survive at another place. It’s really annoying phases like this.

It is in these phases that we usually find money in our pockets and feel like we have won a lottery with prizes. Even though it’s actually your own money

Illustration of washing clothes / Credit: Pexels Tima Miroshnichenko

This kind of situation is usually experienced by boarding children who are wandering far from their families. The phase where everything makes you indecisive and goes wrong, if you want to choose option A, you can’t, it’s your turn to choose option B, afraid that other people will be in trouble. It’s so dizzying when in this position, many of us who when we find money in our pockets already feel like winning a lottery with prizes. You know how it feels, right? I can’t put it into words because I was so happy. Even though I also own money, I don’t realize that I haven’t taken it out of my pants pocket before washing it. Why is life like this, huh? :’)

Every time a friend invites you to hang out, you always use an excuse to fast Monday-Thursday so that you think you are closer to God. Because I want to say to keep away from misery at the end of the month, I’m already embarrassed :’)

Illustration of hanging out with friends / Credit: Pexels Sam Lion

The matter of money for this boarding house child has always been a complicated matter. The problem can spread everywhere and unexpectedly. Admit it, those of you who have stayed in boarding houses must have also gone through these ridiculous times, right? The period where every time you are invited to hang out with friends, whatever the purpose, there must be a reason to refuse. Starting from using improvised excuses to fabricated ones, such as fasting Monday-Thursday. The intention is definitely to be thought of as getting closer to God. In fact, originally it was only because I was embarrassed to say that I wanted to save money so that I could live until the end of the month.

If you’re stuck with the situation, there’s nothing wrong with asking your parents for help. Calm down, no need to be prestige

Illustration asking for money / Credit: Pexels Karolina Grabowska

This kind of situation is indeed a trap for boarding children. Asking for money is wrong, not asking for money is also getting messy. Remember, if you are really desperate for your needs, there’s actually nothing wrong with asking your parents for help. After all, the name of parents must also find sustenance for their children. There’s no need to be prestige and ashamed, as long as the money is used it’s really not a problem. Well, the problem with this is that when you say you want to write a thesis, it turns out that you are taking part in soccer gambling. That’s just the name of a child with no morals!

Choosing to live independently by living in a boarding house is an adult choice. There are many annoying phases that we have to go through. However, this is precisely where our maturation process takes place. It is thanks to these tests that we can become independent and responsible people.

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