Ujang Komarudin: People Don’t Need Billboards, But Need Basic Food!

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1NEWS – Political observer Ujang Komarudin revealed his analysis regarding the effectiveness of installing billboards to run as one of the candidates in the 2024 Presidential Election.

According to him, the installation of billboards for figures who have ambitions to run as candidates, is quite appropriate if there is no current Covid-19 pandemic.
The reason is, billboards are effective in making a person’s figure more widely known by the public.

Especially if the billboards are placed in strategic positions, where the general public can see them.
However, this lecturer at Al Azhar University Indonesia explained that the pandemic had ravaged various aspects of people’s lives and affected the effectiveness of the billboards.

“So, when billboards were installed during the pandemic, it was counterproductive and ineffective. Because the people were struggling due to the impact of Covid-19,” Ujang said as quoted from JPNN.com, Friday (27/8).

According to the Executive Director of the Indonesia Political Review, the effect obtained from the installation of billboards is not sympathy, but criticism from the public will continue to flow.
The reason is that the figures displayed on the billboards do not seem to be observant in reading the conditions of the community.
“Because right now people don’t need billboards, but they need basic necessities,” he said.
Ujang believes that the figures whose billboards are scattered about already know this.
Therefore, the strategy then is not to reduce billboards, but to keep adding while diligently distributing basic necessities to the community.
“That’s why the billboards were distributed yesterday by the presidential candidates,” concluded Ujang. (gear/jpnn)

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