Video: Ahmad Dhani Compares Mulan Jameela with Maia Estianty

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Mulan Jameela embraces Ahmad Dhani affectionately. [Instagram]

1NEWS – Ahmad Dhani’s video interview on the Ipung Official YouTube channel, which aired in June 2020, then went viral on gossip accounts.

At that moment, Ahmad Dhani was asked why he chose Mulan Jameela over Maia Estianty, who had been with him for about 12 years. Dhani’s answer was quite surprising.

“The reason is that Mulan is very female and Maia is very male,” said Dhani, quoted from Ipung Official YouTube, Thursday, August 26, 2021.

Curious about Ahmad Dhani’s full explanation regarding the comparison between Mulan Jameela and Maia Estianty? Watch the full video!


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