10 Portraits of Tasya Kamila’s Apartment in New York, Minimalist and Comfortable!

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Tasya Kamila's moment to New York. [Instagram/tasyakamila]

1NEWS – In order to accompany her husband, Randi Bachtiar, who is continuing his master’s studies at Columbia University, Tasya Kamila is now living in New York. Are you curious about what Tasya Kamila’s apartment looks like in New York?

In order to answer the curiosity of netizens, Tasya Kamila still took the time to do a room tour of her temporary residence in New York. Even though he and his little family had just traveled almost 27 hours.

Tasya Kamila’s moment to New York. [Instagram/tasyakamila]

For more details, let’s look at the portrait of Tasya Kamila’s apartment in New York which is minimalist and dominated by white below.


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