5 Easiest Ways to Overcome Fishbones Stuck in Children’s Throats

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When children are able to do their own activities, it is certainly a matter of pride for parents. Like when children can eat by themselves without having to be fed. Those whose names are children, they will usually put anything in their mouths. Including when eating with fish, they don’t even know that the thorns can hurt them like when they get stuck in the throat. This of course makes Moms panic too, right?

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Even though your child can do things on their own, you still have to keep an eye on him, including when he eats. Every parent wants to provide adequate nutrition for their children, including eating fish. However, you need to know that not all children can eat without choking on their thorns. This will usually get stuck and the child will be uncomfortable. Moms don’t need to worry anymore because Mamin will share tips to overcome them.

This is the easiest way to deal with stuck fish bones in children;

1. Use olive oil. As a natural lubricant that will help overcome children choking on fish spines

Source: Healthline

There is no doubt about the benefits of olive oil. Moms can also use olive oil when your little one chokes on fish spines. The trick is to give 1 tablespoon of olive oil and drink it. This will coat the throat to make it easier to remove the fish spines.

2. Eat marshmallows. The sticky taste will take the fish spines “away” from the throat

Photo by Tembela Bohle from Pexels

Who would have thought that this sticky and sweet shape could overcome choking caused by fish spines. Moms only need to ask the child to chew it, then it will slowly bring the fish bone into the stomach.

3. Drink salt water. Warm salt water will help dissolve the fish bones stuck in the throat

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

Moms can add a little salt to a glass of warm water. Then you can directly give it to your little one. But, remember, Moms, don’t drink too much. Just a little fish bone will dissolve. Throat feels relieved.

4. Swallow the banana slices. Its rather hard and sticky texture is actually able to overcome fish bones that are “stuck” in the throat

Photo by Vanessa Loring from Pexels

Reporting from Healthline, bananas have a legit texture that is able to grab fish bones and pull into the stomach. Moms can give a piece of banana to the child. By chewing it slowly later will help smooth the fish bones stuck in the throat.

5. Ask the child to cough. If you only choke on a small fishbone, it can be overcome by asking the child to cough

Source: haibunda.com

The type of fish of course also affects the shape of the bones. There are types of fish that are classified as having the type of spines that are small and thin so they can be easily treated with just a cough. Moms can ask the child to cough strongly so that the fish spines start to move and the throat can be comfortable again.

Experiencing fish thorns stuck in the throat is not only experienced by children who eat alone. Unknowingly, when you feed your child, it can also happen due to negligence. For that, Moms must be careful and make sure the thorns are gone before giving them to children. Hopefully this natural way can help yes. Mom!

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