6 Benefits of Eel MPASI for Your Little One, Complete with Recipes

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eel solid food

In addition to chicken, meat and fish, the protein content needed by children’s complementary foods can be obtained through eel complementary foods. Have you ever given it to your little one?

So that children don’t get bored and the nutrition they get is balanced, parents need to make a varied menu of complementary foods, one of which is eel complementary foods. In fact, it turns out that eels contain high nutrition, you know, Parents. How to make it is also quite easy.

Well, the following will explain what are the benefits and how to make MPASI from eels. Let’s see the following information!

6 Benefits of Eel MPASI, Help Growth to Smarten the Brain

There are many variants of complementary food that parents can make, one of which is complementary food from eel. Did you know that eel contains sufficient calories, high in protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, and iron? That is why the animals that are often found in the rice fields are highly recommended to be processed into MPASI menus.

What are the benefits of this eel complementary food?

1. Energy Source

Eel fish is a source of energy that is needed by the little one. In 100 grams of eel, there are 300 kcal which can be used as an optimal source of energy for your little one. As we know, children love to move and need a lot of energy to support their growth and development.

2. Increase Weight

The high fat and protein content in eel helps increase the weight of the child. In 100 grams of eel there are 18.4 grams of protein and 27 grams of fat which can help increase a child’s weight. No wonder doctors often recommend this MPASI.

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3. Supports Bone Growth

The high content of calcium and phosphorus in eel fish can support the growth of children’s bones. In every 100 grams of eel fish contains 20 milligrams of calcium and 200 milligrams of phosphorus which is good for bones. This content can maximize the growth of the baby’s bones and tissues.

4. Maintain Eye Health

Healthy eyes help babies see things around them more clearly. That is why they need foods that can support eye health. The good news, eels contain high enough vitamin A which is needed by the body to maintain eye health. The nutritional content of the eel also helps the macula layer on the lens of the baby’s eye develop properly.

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5. Boosts Immune

Babies are very susceptible to exposure to diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, germs, and so on because their immune systems are not yet perfect. The high nutritional content of eels can increase the baby’s immune system so it doesn’t get sick easily.

6. Intelligent Brain

In addition to growing bones and tissues, brain cells also experience rapid development during the first 1,000 days of birth. That’s why babies need nutritional intake that contains omega-3 fatty acids. These healthy fats are known to encourage the growth of brain cells to develop optimally. Thus, brain function can work optimally and the baby can grow into a smart child.

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How to Make Delicious Eel MPASI

eel solid food

Before processing eel into solid food, parents need to make sure that their child does not have an allergy to this type of fish. Once confirmed, then the eel that you get from the market is processed to be made into a delicious and highly nutritious complementary food menu. Here are the steps:

  1. Wash the eel and then soak it in lime juice until the fishy smell of the eel fades away.
  2. After that, steam the eel with mashed garlic and bay leaf.
  3. Allow it to cook, then after it is cooked take the eel meat and puree it. Make sure you have separated the meat from the spines carefully, yes.
  4. After that, cook the team porridge with a dose of 2 tablespoons of rice that has been washed clean.
  5. Cook rice with more water than usual so that it becomes porridge.
  6. After the rice has become porridge, mix it with the mashed eel, you can add vegetables such as steamed carrots or sliced ​​scallions.

Well, Parents, that’s the benefits and how to make eel MPASI. Easy isn’t it? In addition, the most important thing is that the nutrition is not inferior to sea fish. Come on, make MPASI from eels!

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