A peek at a luxury house in North Minahasa, the location makes goosebumps

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Living in a luxury house is certainly the dream of many people. But what if the location is in the middle of the forest, is Sahabat Dream still interested in occupying it?

Fuhendra’s YouTube channel shared the appearance of a luxurious house with an unusual location. The house also has a secret.

A magnificent building with white nuances like a palace located on one of the hills in North Minahasa, right in the middle of the forest. Based on information from local residents, the house was abandoned by the owner at some time when the construction process had been completed.

“Actually, this house has been completed and then left just like that,” explained the owner of the video.

Worth Billions of Rupiah

The house with a European-style look was designed with expensive-looking raw materials. With an unusual concept, the construction of a luxury house in the middle of a dense forest is estimated to cost up to tens of billions.

“Looks like this house is worth tens of billions huh. It’s a shame if it’s been left like this, “said the owner of the video.

Home Condition

When you enter the house, you see a solid building. The building has three main buildings.

Unfortunately, every corner of the house was neglected and began to be overgrown with weeds.

“The position of this house right and left is forest and there are three buildings, the front, side, and back,” he said.

People often visit

According to residents, the luxury house often comes with visitors. So many visible graffiti on the wall until the glass is shattered.

“It’s been scribbled on and a lot of (glass) is broken,” said the owner of the video.

Until this news was made, it was not known who the owner of the luxurious palace-like house was.

Here’s the video:


Source: 1NEWS

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