Ahead of League 1, Jacksen F Tiago Doesn’t Want to Carelessly Guess the Opponent’s Strength | 1NEWS

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Persipura Jayapura coach, Jacksen F. Tiago, did not want to rush into guessing the strength of the potential opponents to be faced in the BRI Liga 1 2021-2022. The reason is because it must have changed drastically.

“I don’t think we can be sure because we haven’t seen them play. Many changes compared to the Menpora Cup yesterday. Many clubs have changed, releasing players and recruiting new players,” said Jackson, Thursday (26/8/21).

In addition to seeing a change in the composition of the team, Jackson also said that the pandemic was also one of the factors that made each team extra vigilant with their respective squads.

“It is very difficult to predict the strength of each team in this year’s competition because we are all still in touch with the corona virus among us,” said Jacksen F. Tiago.

“The virus is even though the player is in good health without injury, then the player cannot appear because at some point in time it can be related to the corona virus,” he said.

Not only that, Jackson also admitted that without the presence of an audience and playing at a neutral venue, each contestant would have the same motivation. Thus, their strength will be very difficult to predict.

“We know the opponent’s strength is only on paper. The league schedule will be packed, playing at neutral venues and playing behind closed doors. All of that will have an impact on the strength of each participant. So, it is difficult to guess its strength, “he said.

However, the Brazilian coach said Persipura had slightly benefited from the experience as a traveler team over the last few seasons. This will be a positive capital to play more freely without pressure.

“What is clear is that Persipura has an advantage because in the previous competitions in 2019 and early 2020, we played at neutral venues without spectators,” explained Jacksen F. Tiago.

“So, what is happening right now is nothing new for us. Logically, maybe Persipura’s adaptation will be easier than the other participants,” he concluded.

Based on the latest schedule released by the competition operator, PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB), Persipura Jayapura will start their journey in Liga 1 2021-2022 by facing Persita Tangerang at Pakansari Stadium, Saturday (28/8/21).


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