Aty Kodong comments on the photo, Inul gives a striking reply: Fasting the mouth first!

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Inul Daratista comments on Aty Kodong (

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Yoeni Syafitri Sekar Ayoe | Dea Dezellynda Madya Ratri

Saturday, August 28, 2021 | 11:38 WIB

1NEWS – The singer Aty Kodong has often been the talk of the town lately. He was highlighted after his classmate at Dangdut Academy, Lesti Kejora became the subject of his talk.

Because he was not invited to the wedding of Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar, he felt hurt. Aty feels that she is not considered a friend because she considers Lesti to be no-nonsense when she wants to get married.

Inul Daratista comments on Aty Kodong (

Inul Daratista, as Lesti’s closest person, has recently been suspected of insinuating Aty Kodong. Starting when Aty wrote a comment on her Instagram post, Inul immediately gave a striking reply.

Initially, Inul Daratista shared photos of her posing for yoga. Then Aty wanted to be able to pose like Inul in the photo.

Inul Daratista comments on Aty Kodong (
Inul Daratista comments on Aty Kodong (

“I want it like that queen mother, can it or not,” wrote Aty Kodong in the comments column.

Suddenly Inul’s reply immediately attracted attention. “It’s hard for you kodooong. Fasting your mouth first wkwkwkwk,” replied Inul.

Netizens immediately suspected that Adam Suseno’s wife was insinuating Aty, who is often considered julid with other artists.

Inul Daratista and Aty Kodong (
Inul Daratista and Aty Kodong (

“Immediately hit mentally ga tuch the Kodong,” wrote a netizen. “Very good, mother inullll, wkwkwkw got mentally,” said another.

“Hahaha kodong, Inul just be annoyed with you,” said another. “If you want to improve your physique, fix your heart and mouth first,” said the netizen.


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