Calling Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar’s invitation ‘Trash’, Aty Kodong reminds Bintang…. – 1NEWS

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Aty Kodong said the wedding invitation from Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar was trash, so that the stars didn’t always shine. /Photo collage from /@lestikejora and @atykodomg

The conflict between Aty Kodong and Lesti Kejora about Leslar’s wedding invitation is getting hotter.

After a long silence, Aty Kodong now admits that he deliberately satirized Lesti Kejora about the wedding invitation with Rizky Billar.

In fact, Aty Kodong considers the wedding invitation given by Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar to be rubbish.

Then, what does the word wedding invitation from Lesti Kejora mean? rubbish?

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And, what did Aty Kodong warn Lesti Kejora about the peak of his career like a star?

Quoted from Intense Investigation which was uploaded on August 26, 2021, Aty Kodong expressed his disappointment.

At first, Aty Kodong mentioned the wedding invitation that was distributed one day before by Lesti Kejora.

In fact, Aty Kodong had previously warned that he was in Semarang.

So asked Lesti Kejora to send wedding invitations in advance to prepare there.

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“If you don’t feel invited, actually the invitation has arrived at 11 am on August 18 in the group, it’s impossible that I have to take care of my departure to Jakarta, in half a day,” beber Aty Kodong.

Meanwhile, Aty Kodong’s wishes from 35 DA contestants were present to represent Lesti Kejora’s wedding.

Thus, people who live far away (outside Jakarta) are notified one day before the event.

“While I was in Makassar, it was D-1, it should be because all of us who didn’t stay in Jakarta were notified ahead of time, I mean by my post, at least 35 people represented,” Aty Kodong explained about the invitation.

Upset by this, Aty Kodong called the invitation from Lesti Kejora trash.

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The reason is, Aty Kodong considered that there was an element of intent that Lesti Kejora did not expect him to come.

“That’s rubbish, the invitation that Lesti Kejora sent to the group. As friends, we both started from the bottom, at least notifying Japri,” said Aty Kodong.

If Lesti Kejora really intended to invite her but was busy, Aty Kodong reminded her that she should give a mandate to a trusted person.

“For example, if he’s busy, just call me, Japri says if he’s busy, he’ll be contacted by this person, or will this person take care of it,” beber Aty Kodong.

Furthermore, Aty Kodong discussed his satire on Instagram social media for Lesti Kejora.

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This was made by Aty Kodong as an expression of disappointment.

“If my expression on social media is a form of my disappointment with him, at least it’s small talk, because the star will not shine forever,” clear Aty Kodong

Talking about words, stars don’t always shine, Aty Kodong confirmed that it was a warning to Lesti Kejora.

“They don’t accept the words that the stars won’t shine forever, even though that’s just a metaphor for what it is,” explained Aty Kodong.

“Yes, it’s up to you to interpret what my expression of disappointment looks like on IG,” concluded Aty Kodong.

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