Dennis Adhiswara to Uki ex Noah, your music is not poison but the antidote

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1NEWS – Mohammad Kautsar Hikmat or Uki, a former guitarist for the band Noah, calls music poison. He gets annoyed and feels annoyed if music is played in public places.

Uki ex-Noah’s statement also reaped controversy. There are those who support and many also express personal judgments, such as actor Dennis Adhiswara.

Dennis via his Twitter account tweeted in response to Uki ex-Noah’s statement that music was poison. The film player What’s Up With Love wrote a message intended for Uki.

“For those who know Uki ex Noah, I want to leave a message: The music you make (with your friends) has contributed to making me rise from my darkest days a few years ago,” said Dennis Adhiswara on the Twitter account @omDennis recently. .

Dennis Adhiswara admitted that Uki’s works with Peterpan and Noah have given him positive energy, helping him from adversity.

“Your music is not poison, but instead becomes the antidote. Thank you,” said Dennis Adhiswara.

In addition, Dennis Adhiswara mentioned some of Uki’s songs that he considered to be an inspiration.

“I love the songs, especially: Dead City, Erase Your Traces, Maybe Later, King of My Country,” tweeted Dennis in the next post.

Mohammad Kautsar Hikmat or Uki left the Noah band and stopped being a musician since last August 2019. Since he stopped being a member of the band, Uki’s appearance has become more religious.


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