Denny Darko’s Regret for Lying About Divination About Deddy Corbuzier

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Deddy Corbuzier

1NEWS – After receiving a strong reprimand from Deddy Corbuzier, fortune teller Denny Darko apologized. The apology was conveyed through a video uploaded on his Instagram account, Friday (27/8) afternoon.

Starting the video, Denny Darko apologized to the public for the video content on his YouTube channel about the reason Deddy Corbuzier took a break from social media and his podcast.

Denny said, from the first video that can still be watched until now, he predicted that Deddy’s cessation was not due to Covid-19. Rather, he is preparing a major project related to his past.

Deddy Corbuzier

“It turns out that my prediction was wrong, I was wrong. And it seems that I really can’t see a master Deddy Corbizier,” admitted Deddy’s former protégé when he became a magician.

The second video was uploaded a few days after the father of Azka Corbuzier appeared telling him that he was positive for Covid-19 and had a cytokine storm attack. After Deddy’s explanation, Denny Darko said he deliberately spoke in the first video because an informant ordered him not to spread the news that Deddy was positive for Covid-19.

Denny Darko has deleted the second video that has caused controversy. According to his confession, no one told him about Deddy’s actual condition. What he said was a lie.

“Once again, no one told me, so people’s announcements about Master Deddy’s condition were lies,” he said.

Denny admitted that he had tried to contact Deddy Corbuzier to apologize personally. He admits that he regrets having disappointed the people he has made a teacher, role model, and model for in his magic career.

“It’s impossible for a Denny Darko to get what I have now without a Deddy Corbuzier,” admits Denny Darko.

“I’m sorry for what I’ve done. I never the slightest hope for this to happen. Please forgive me,” he said in English.


Writer Indra Kurniawan

Editor Suyanto Soemohardjo


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