Dinar Candy admits his job is getting lonely after becoming a suspect in pornography allegations

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1NEWS – Dinar Candy immediately felt the impact of his act of wearing a bikini on the side of the road as a form of protest against the extension of the PPKM from the government. In addition to being a suspect for alleged pornography, he also admitted that his job was getting quieter.

This was conveyed by DJ Sexy in a podcast with Deddy Corbuzier. As of now, it has been about two weeks that he has not received any income at all.

“2 weeks did not come in (money). There were several (jobs) canceled,” said Dinar Candy, quoted from Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube Channel.

Furthermore, Dinar Candy said that activity restrictions as an effort by the government to suppress the spread of Covid-19 had indeed made him stressed. His profession as a night entertainment worker was immediately affected.

Dinar Candy then said that there were indeed several offers that came in to become a co-host on television. But according to him it is very different from his main job as a Disc Jockey.

“Because I was on a DJ tour before, suddenly my job was like yesterday being the co-host of Om Deddy, it’s a job that suppresses the soul, I can’t,” he explained.

“In terms of acting, comedy, it takes a lot of guts like, ‘Wow, this is different’,” he added later.

As is known, Dinar Candy has been named a suspect in a case of alleged pornography by the South Jakarta Metro Police in the aftermath of his protest action taking to the streets wearing a bikini due to the extension of the PPKM. Despite his status as a suspect, he is only required to undergo mandatory reporting.

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