During my life, I love animals, my father’s tomb is always visited by hundreds of pigeons

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Losing a loved one is painful to accept, especially if it happens in a short time. Although it is difficult to accept, we must be content with every destiny that has been determined by the Creator.

The story of a girl known as Zanna Jeffry about the departure of her beloved father for good has gone viral on social media. Zanna’s father died last month of Shawwal. But the kindness during his life really touched the hearts of many people.

Zanna’s father breathed his last on the second day of Shawwal this year due to cancer. However, what touched many people was the deceased’s habit that made other beings not hesitate to appreciate it.

Through a video uploaded on TikTok, the owner of the @zannajeffry account said his father really liked to feed pigeons in a cemetery area. “Before dad died, he was the man who liked to feed the birds at the cemetery,” Zanna wrote.

But an unexpected incident was seen by Zanna when she wanted to visit her father’s grave after he died a few days earlier. He was surprised to see more than a hundred birds flying and walking around his father’s grave.

“So today it’s my turn to take my place to feed the birds,” he continued.

It can be seen in the video that Zanna feeds the pigeons that keep circling her father’s grave.

This video went viral and received various comments from netizens who were touched by Zanna’s father’s charity.

“These birds will be witnesses that your father always gave alms & compassion to creatures.”

“A sign of Allah’s greatness… Subhanallah…”

“Surely your late father smiled happily seeing this….like the atmosphere of the graves of the martyrs in Mecca…full of doves…Subhanallah.”

Source: 1NEWS

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