Economical & Ready to Hit – PSM Makassar Squad Composition for Liga 1 2021/22 | 1NEWS

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PSM Makassar as one of the clubs from Eastern Indonesia has always entered the market for winning teams every season. In the last five seasons, Juku Eja has a relatively good record by always finishing in the middle to the top, since the 2016 non-official competition, Liga 1 2018, and then winning the 2019 Indonesian Cup.

PSM’s success from 2016 to 2019 cannot be separated from its squad which is quite fierce and inhabited by big names such as Hamka Hamzah, Ferdinand SInaga, Rizky Pellu, or Zulham Zamrun. However, entering the pandemic period, PSM was hit by the issue of the economic crisis so that it had to use a squad with a majority of young blood and at an economical price.

Entering the new season of Liga 1 2021/22, PSM is more economical. However, the spurs of the Rooster From the East team are not blunt. In the 2021 Menpora Cup pre-season, PSM still appeared to bite with full local players and an indefinite coach.

The performance in the 2021 Menpora Cup, where PSM qualified for the semi-final phase, can at least be an illustration in the regular competition. Economical but still thriving, PSM still has a chance to finish in the top flight, especially when it will be handled by an experienced coach, namely Milomir Seslija.

Wiljan Pluim the conductor

Although PSM has lost many important players in the last few seasons, at least this team from Makassar is still being defended by Wiljan Pluim. Because the player whose real name is Willem Jan Pluim has played a crucial role in PSM’s success since 2016.

It has often been mutually changing partners in midfield but Pluim can still show his class. The evidence for the 2018 best player trophy and the 2019 Indonesian Cup is convincing enough that Pluim has no problems even though many players have come in and out and PSM has changed coaches several times.

This season, Pluim will be accompanied by his compatriot from the Netherlands, Anco Jansen. Looking at his track record, Jansen has experience playing at the top level of the Dutch League by defending clubs such as Roda JC, Emmen, and NAC Breda. Although, there is potential for Jansen to be plotted as a striker.

Apart from Jansen, the PSM midfield will still be filled with young names from Makassar, such as Arfan, Rizky Eka, and Rasyid Bakri. The three players have also played a central role for PSM in recent seasons .

In addition to the midfield, the goalkeeping post and the attack line also deserve the spotlight. The brilliant performances of Hilman Syah and Yakob Sayuri, seemed to make PSM have no problems in that line after being left behind by Rivky Mokodompit, Ferdinand Sinaga, Zulham Zamrun, Titus Bonai, and Rahmat Syamsuddin.

Foreign players are not complete

Like several Liga 1 clubs, PSM has problems with foreign players. They have not been able to fulfill the quota of four foreign players, for various reasons. Milomir Seslija said the foreign players wanted were constrained by the vaccine – which is a condition for appearing in Liga 1.

The depth of the PSM squad may not be so good, but the fighting power of local children has looked promising in the last Menpora Cup. It is predicted that the formation with three central players is still Milo’s choice.


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