Genoa vs Napoli Prediction, Italian League 29 August 2021

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1NEWS – The Serie A performance will be even tougher because almost all teams undergo a lot of squad reshuffle. A very intensive squad reshuffle carried out by the teams Italian Serie A The aim is to make these teams stronger.

However, not a few Italian teams made changes because of the element of compulsion. Starting from players who suddenly left the club, to some of their ammunition that was injured too often. Therefore, it is not surprising that in the first week yesterday many teams were a little shaky. Naturally this happened, because the clubs still need to adapt after a long vacation of almost four months.

In essence, yesterday’s inaugural week will not be used as a benchmark whether certain teams can perform optimally. If we move on to the second week, on Sunday there will be a fierce match between Genoa vs Napoli. In this case, Napoli and Genoa are in much different internal conditions.

Genoa is heartbroken after being overthrown, while Napoli are now enjoying their first victory. But apart from that, this Genoa-Napoli match will likely continue to run quite thrilling. Italian football lovers must also remember that best slot gambling site has scheduled the exciting match between Genoa and Napoli to be held on Sunday 29 August 2021 at 23.30 WIB.

Napoli is doing pretty well

If you feel a little to the squad NaplesOf course, this Italian giant is not much different from the last two seasons. Especially the front row, Insigne and his friends still have a very distinctive style of play.

This very distinctive style of play was again presented when Napoli had their inaugural week yesterday at the 2021/2022 Serie A performance. In that match, Napoli’s performance was extraordinary. The result was a victory for the Napoli camp and the capital was certainly very slick before looking at the second week.

It looks like the Genoa vs Napoli party will present an exciting spectacle, especially on the front row of Napoli. This is because the front row of Napoli is quite good after winning in the inaugural match a few weeks ago.

But it’s a shame when Napoli is in a positive trend, like it or not, this team has to lose its striker. In yesterday’s opening party, Osimhen who is a Napoli striker had to be willing to be rewarded with a red card. Automatically in the match against Genoa, Napoli’s front row will be a little toothless because Osimhen left.

Genoa is still weak in defense

While the squad Genoa currently there are still a lot of problems and problems after playing the first party. The reason is that Genoa is currently very fragile, especially in the heart of the defense.

Even in the first party a few days ago, the Genoa squad was very visible how porous in the back line. Practically in that match Genoa had to be willing to be slaughtered four goals without reply at that time.

In this case, like it or not, Genoa must immediately rack their brains before clashing against Napoli. It is estimated that Genoa is currently honing the ability of its defense line before meeting Napoli. If Genoa can immediately improve their defense, then it is very likely that this team can overthrow Napoli.

Italian League Soccer Prediction Between Genoa vs Napoli

Given that the current condition of the Napoli squad is considered to be more beautiful, the public automatically predicts that the Italian giants will win over Genoa. In addition, materially Napoli players have also been undeniable this season. Practically, the Genoa vs Napoli party on Sunday is expected to be won by Napoli, namely through score 1 – 3 and they will get three points.

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