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A grandfather selling cakes viral on social media recently because of the commendable act he did. The grandfather distributed his unsold cakes for the children to eat for free.

In a video uploaded by the Instagram account @rizkey_pradana Wednesday (24/2/2021), the grandfather told the ups and downs he experienced as a traveling cake seller.

The man named Winarto, who is now 65 years old, admitted that he was not afraid to lose if he distributed his cakes for free. His kindness made the video recorder amazed and saluted.

“If it’s like that it doesn’t run out” how Sir?” asked the man in the video.

“Yes, it’s our responsibility, man, it doesn’t sell in cash, so for example, yes, it can’t be made tomorrow, I’ll share it with the little ones lol, ” he said with a smile.

“Oh masyaallah, share huh? Don’t you lose, sir?” the man asked again.

“No,” said Winarto’s grandfather.

In the video, Winarto also tells that his wife died ten years ago. Now he lives with his son in a rented house.

“Mr. Winarto is 65 years old, a man from Blitar who now lives in a rented house in Surabaya with his son. His wife died 10 years ago due to consuming too many herbal medicines,” wrote the account @rizkey_pradana.

The video also explains that Winarto is a figure who never forgets to be grateful. His uncertain income does not necessarily make him forget to be grateful for him.

“Uncertain income does not make him forget to be grateful. He has the principle that what is donated will definitely get more fortune,” wrote the account @rizkey_pradana.

The video maker also mentions the location where Winarto sells so that more people come to buy. The cakes sold by Winarto are traditional cakes with prices ranging from 2,500 rupiah per piece.

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