I feel sorry for this ODGJ girl, after being molested by her step-brother, she was then forced to marry her grandfather | Most Exciting

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Paling Seru

MostFun – Jacob is a 79 year old widower who accepts to marry a young woman with the initials M (30). Jacob, who had been a widower for a long time after his wife died, did not know that the woman he married was a widow with the status of a person with mental disorders (ODGJ).

The wedding, which was held in Dompu Regency, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), Tuesday (24/8/2021) has now ended after mediation was carried out by the authorities and members of the DPRD. However, M’s family made a report but it was not Jacob who was policed.

The family pooled the person who was suspected of having molested M and forced M to marry Jacob. Before the marriage took place, it was suspected that M had been sexually assaulted by someone else.

“There was a report from the M family to the Dompu Police which was submitted yesterday regarding the alleged molestation that was allegedly carried out by the step-brother,” said Chairman of Commission I of the Dompu DPRD, Muttakun, in TribunLombok.com, Friday (27/8/2021)

Jacob did not know that M was an ODGJ. Jacob and M’s marriage began when Jacob went to M’s village to buy goats. However, when he arrived at the location, Jacob was betrothed to a young woman.

“That this old man came around this woman’s place to buy a goat to raise,” said Dedi Arsyik as the local village head, Friday (27/8/2021).

Jacob, who at that time was a long widower, immediately accepted his match with M. Someone who represented M immediately agreed to marry Jacob and M. Jacob immediately prepared a dowry of Rp. 3.3 million. The marriage then took place on Tuesday (24/8/2021) or two days after Jacob was betrothed.

“We can say that Mr. Jacob is also a victim,” said Dedi.

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