In the past, Viral took an Ojek with a child because his wife left him, now here’s the news

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Life is like a spinning wheel. At first it was at the bottom, one day it could be at the top. That’s how a former online motorcycle taxi driver named Mahfudin felt. His life story has gone viral on social media.

Mahfudin’s life story went viral after he shared it on his personal TikTok account @mahfuddin77. His life journey is touching because he has to raise his only daughter named Ainun Maheera Al-Rubby alone.

Yes, Mahfudin went viral after telling about his wife who left when his daughter was three months old. His wife prefers to live with her mistress, and leaves Mahfudin alone to take care of Ainun.

Uncertain economic conditions are strongly suspected to be the reason for his wife to leave Mahfudin and his daughter. To meet the needs of himself and his daughter, Mahfudin works as an ojol driver.

While paving the streets, Mahfudin had to take Ainun wherever he delivered packages or passengers. In fact, at that time Ainun was still a baby. So Mahfudin carried him while earning a living.

Mahfudin often uploads his activities while working while cuddling Ainun on the streets. Several videos show the moment when Mahfudin feeds his only daughter. She is also not clumsy about making milk or changing Ainun’s diaper like a mother.

Mahfudin did not complain even though he had to take care of his child since he was three months old. Nor does he hate his ex-wife who has left him.

“I really want to send Ainun to the highest level of education, so that he (Ainun) will become a successful person. Even if I am only an online motorcycle taxi driver, I will fight as hard as I can,” he said.

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The touching stories that Mahfudin uploaded on TikTok made netizens’ hearts even more touched.

“At first I was just having fun. Check out the Tiktok app on Facebook and on Youtube. I was interested and downloaded the Tiktok application,” Mahfudin said when interviewed by in 2020.

Since then, the man from Paracis Village, Tanjung Pura Village, West Karawang Regency, Karawang has suddenly become a TikTok celebrity.

The sympathy of netizens was pouring in seeing the stories he uploaded, making his followers soar up to hundreds of thousands of followers.

“I didn’t expect the public’s response to be so good and accept the entertainment I posted on my Tiktok account. I thank everyone who has accepted and loved me and Ainun,” he said.

Now, his life has changed 180 degrees thanks to the help of netizens and income from TikTok.

Mahfudin finally decided to stop being an ojol driver. He opened a grocery store and a food stall. Now he does not need to heat up with Ainun to earn a living for his daily needs.

“Alhamdulillah, now my son doesn’t have to go on a taxi ride again, bro,” replied Mahfudin in response to a netizen’s comment that said ‘It used to be viral… now it’s successful’.

Source: 1NEWS

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