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After releasing the video “One Satu” by Iwan Fals who collaborated with the Indies, Rendy Pandugo, and Petra Sihombing in the #BersatuUntukMerdeka campaign, IM3 Ooredoo presented the Independence Concert Collabonation ‘Bersatu for Merdeka’ as a form of invitation to the audience to celebrate the unity of the Indonesian people in struggle for independence even in the midst of a pandemic.

The concert which is presented as a continuation of the #BersatuUntukMerdeka campaign series will be broadcast LIVE on August 28, 2021, at 19.00 WIB on YouTube IM3 Ooredoo.

This concert also carries the message ‘as long as we are united, as long as we are free’, which is conveyed through musical performances and inspiring stories in the form of audio visuals.

In addition to musical collaborations from musicians across generations, namely Iwan Fals, Indies, Rendy Pandugo, and Petra Sihombing, this concert is complemented by stories from several “heroes” around us who have succeeded in inspiring and moving the community to work hand in hand to face the difficult situations that are still ongoing.

The figure is Tomi Alamsyah with 5 colleagues from Kopi Muja, Lody Andrian from Bagirata, and Tristan Juliano, who will tell how each of them has their own way of fighting to help others.

Fahroni Arifin, SVP – Head of Brand Management & Strategy Indosat Ooredoo said,
“The Independence Concert Collaboration ‘United for Independence’ is a special collaboration that
has a meaning to remind the public that no matter what situations and conditions
is happening, we are not alone, and we are able to continue to produce something if we
collaborate and unite. This meaning of unity is conveyed continuously through
all elements combined in this concert, ranging from collaborations between musicians across generations, stage concepts, to collaborations with “heroes”. So that the audience
those who watched the concert could join in celebrating the struggle of the Indonesian people who were united in
moment of independence as well as being inspired to keep working by collaborating and
help each other.”

The message of the ‘United for Independence’ campaign was also visualized through the concept and design of the stage in the form of a circle as a symbol of defense and unity to maintain the collaboration in it. Against the backdrop of the partitions that are symbols of the house, it is a reminder that during this pandemic period, people are doing most of their activities from home.

Profile pictures and documentation of the activities of the “heroes” were also displayed throughout the concert.
Representing collaborating musicians,

Iwan Fals disclose

This collaboration wants to convey the message that no matter what happens, life must go on, and be able to free oneself from feelings of fear. Therefore, on behalf of other musicians who collaborated at the Independence Concert Collabonation ‘Bersatu for Merdeka’, I feel excited to present our best works and sincerely hope that what is conveyed through this concert can be well received and can remind us all to continue to carry the spirit. unity both in facing challenges and at work.”

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