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Circulating video shows a woman driving a mining dump truck. The video went viral.

The video was shared by the Tiktok account @maybarisi. In the video, a woman is seen working as a truck driver.

Not just any truck, the woman is a dump truck driver in a mining area.

The woman was seen driving the large truck alone.

He drives the dump truck to transport the mining products.

“People are sleeping, I’m working,” he wrote in the post

In the video, the woman is seen driving a large mining truck.

The woman appeared wearing a brown scarf. He seemed relaxed driving the truck.

In fact, the video shows the size of the truck is quite large.

The woman seemed relaxed in the driver’s seat and running the dump truck.

He even had time to wave to his friend who recorded the action.

Not long after, the dump truck carrying the excavation was seen walking.

The woman slowly stepped on the gas and drove the big truck.

The woman’s figure became the talk of netizens because of her unusual job.

Netizens looked amazed at the woman’s job as a mining dump truck driver.

The uploaded video has so far been viewed more than 3.6 million times.

Warganet who participated in commenting on the video has reached about 5 thousand comments.

“Not a right turn signal race, turn left, friends,” said the netizen.

“Wow, it’s hard to operate a truck and he can do it,” netizen comments.

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