Japanese Media Predicts Miyawaki Sakura Will Be The Highest Earning Japanese Idol! | Kpop Chart

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The arrival of Miyawaki Sakura in South Korea on August 27, 2021 and guarded by HYBE bodyguards managed to make a scene in the entertainment world and further strengthened the suspicion of Sakura’s debut at the agency.

Reported by Japanese media on August 27, it was stated that the treatment and guarantee that Sakura will receive from HYBE cannot be compared to HKT48, “There is absolutely no reason for him to refuse such an offer from Korea.”

This media also mentioned that Miyawaki Sakura could surpass Sashihara Rino’s income if she debuted with HYBE in a girl group that has fans all over the world.

It is known that Sashihara Rino, in 2019 had an income of 8.5 billion rupiah, which is believed to be surpassed by Sakura if she really debuted with the girl group HYBE.

Meanwhile, HYBE has yet to give a definite answer regarding Sakura’s joining with them even though it has given many shows about it. (1NEWS)

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