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The field for the Jakarta International Stadium Stadium has begun to be worked on. Field work began following the construction of the building which was nearing completion.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has hampered the construction of the JIS stadium. Even so, the project will continue to pursue the target of completion by the end of 2021.

Currently, the progress of the construction of the JIS Stadium has reached 68 percent since it started in 2019. One by one other sectors have also started to work, one of which is the main field.

“The main field is now in the construction stage. Starting from dredging, installation of drainage, sprinkling layers of coral and others,” Jakpro said in a statement.

“Although the pandemic is ongoing, Alhamdulillah the construction of JIS continues and progresses. In fact, we can pass several milestones,” said JIS Project Director Iwan Takwin.

Various obstacles that occur during construction are the reduction in the number of workers from time to time. From the beginning 2000 people, now only around 1500 only.

“At the end of last month, Jakpro gave vaccines to workers in the field. In the vaccine program in collaboration with the Jakarta City Government. We send workers in stages,” said Iwan.

In addition, restrictions on community activities such as PSBB to PPKM also affect the development of JIS. Meanwhile, the construction must be completed on time.

“But we don’t give up, during the pandemic the key is collaboration. So, what are the challenges and potential delays we can mitigate from the start,” said Iwan.

In the near future, two training fields will be completed in September. PSSI became the first party to cooperate to be able to use this facility.

During the trip, Jakpro guarantees that Persija Jakarta will still be prioritized to use the JIS Stadium. As originally planned, JIS was built to accommodate Persija, who often had difficulty playing in Jakarta. (detik.com)


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