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Persita Tangerang won the second match of Liga 1 2021-2022 over Persipura Jayapura at Pakansari Stadium, Bogor Regency on Saturday (28/8/2021) night.

The match ended in favor of Persita with a score of 2-1. This result made Persita shift the position of Bali United from the top position of the standings.

Persita’s goal was created by Harrison Cardoso via a 12-foot shot in the 15th minute and Irsyad Maulana’s flick when the match entered the 23rd minute.

The Persipura goal scorer in that match was Ramai Melvin Rumakiek (16′).

First round

Persipura started the match wearing a red and black jersey, while Persita wore a white away jersey.

Jacksen F Tiago’s squad took the opportunity to launch the first attack. The match is open.

Both teams took turns launching attacks. Persita Tangerang finally opened the scoring in this match in the 15th minute through the penalty spot.

Harrison Cardoso who was appointed as the executioner successfully carried out his duties smoothly. His shot that was directed to the right tricked Persipura goalkeeper Geri Mandagi.

Left behind 0-1 from Persita made the Black Pearl team gasped. Yevhen Bokhasvili became an important actor in the creation of Persipura’s reply.

Moving from the right side, Yevhen Bokhasvili sent a sweet pass to the front of Persita’s goal. Many Melvin Rumakiek managed to jump higher than the Persita defenders.

As a result, Ramai Rumakiek scored the equalizer through his header. The situation was again balanced with the score 1-1.

In the 21st minute, Persita actually managed to vibrate the Persipura goal net through the feet of Ahmad Nur Hardianto.

However, the goal of the former Arema FC and Bhayangkara FC player was annulled by the referee because Nur Hardianto was considered to have been in an offside position.

Nur Hardianto’s disallowed goal did not make the Persita players slack. In fact, they are getting more and more aggressive.

The result, two minutes later, the team nicknamed the Swordsman Cisadane again outperformed Persipura.

Starting from an attack that was built on the right side, Aldi Al Achya sent a low pass into the Persipura goal mouth.

The targeted Nur Hardianto did not manage to reach the ball. But it actually gave an open space for Irsyad Maulana to score the ball into the vacant Persipura goal. Persita won 2-1 over Persipura.

After that, the game got even more exciting. The game became a little tough which was marked by violations that resulted in a yellow card.

Until the referee blew the whistle signaling the end of the first half, Persita was still one goal ahead of Persipura, with a score of 2-1.

Second round

After the break, the tempo of the game slowed down a bit. Persipura who were left behind took the initiative to attack more.

Dominating for the first 15 minutes of the second half has not succeeded in making Ian Kabes and colleagues dismantle Persita’s defense.

A quite dangerous attack was launched by Persipura in the 62nd minute. Ricky Kayame who managed to outwit a Persita defender released a low shot with his left foot.

Unfortunately, the ball that was directed to the left side of the goal was still wide so that it only resulted in a goal kick.

In the second half, Persita seemed to reduce the intensity of his attacks. They defend more and only occasionally counterattack.

In the 75th minute, Persipura had a chance to equalize. A crisis that occurred in front of the goal Persita.

Kick after kick was released by the Persipura players in succession. However, the blocks made by the Persita players still managed to secure their goal from conceding the second.

Various attempts have made various attempts to score again. But it didn’t work until the last minute of the game.


Persipura (4-3-3): Gerri Mandagi; David Kevin Rumakiek, Donni Monim, Ricardo Salampessy, Imanuel Rumbiak; M Tahir, Ramai Melvin Rumakiek, Ian Louis Kabes; Todd Rivaldo Ferre, Ricky Kayame, Yehven Bokhashvili

Coach: Jackson F Tiago

Persita (4-3-3): Try Goentara; M Toha, Adam Mitter, Agung Prasetyo, M Edo Febriansyah; Adittia Gigis, Taufiq Febriyanto, Harrison Cardoso; Aldi Al Achya, Nur Hardianto, Irsyad Maulana

Coach: Widodo Cahyono Putro


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