Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar Respond to Denny Darko’s Prediction: We Are the Benchmark of Religion – 1NEWS

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Photo collage of the couple Lesti Kejora – Rizky Billar (left) and Denny Darko / instagram @lestykejora @dennydarko_

The couple Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar finally spoke up about Denny Darko’s prediction that they would not be happy because they were married in the suro month.

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“Suro mah naon, eweuh doesn’t exist,” said Lesti Kejora furiously when it came to Denny Darko’s prediction on Rizky Billar’s YouTube Channel, Saturday, August 28, 2021.

Furthermore, Lesti Kejora even emphasized that she adhered to religious principles and considered all days to be good.

“All dates, all days are good, if that’s the case (the prohibition against getting married in the month of Suro), it’s hard for people to do anything, sis,” said Lesti Kejora on Rizky Billar’s YouTube Channel, Saturday, August 28, 2021.

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The same thing was expressed, Rizky Billar who responded casually and wisely that he was not too concerned about Denny Darko’s prediction that they would not be happy.

“There are some people who believe, there are certain ethnic people who think that there is a date for this ban, the date of this ban, for the month of the event, yes, if we are based on religion, right?” said Rizky Billar.

As previously reported,

Tarot expert Denny Darko said that the newly married couple Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar were considered to have violated the marriage taboo in the suro month.

So it is predicted that you will never be happy.

“In the case of wong jowo, even though they are not Javanese, it seems that many cultures have embraced this that the month of suro or the month of muharram after the Islamic new year, it is better not to hold a wedding,” he said on Denny Darko’s YouTube Channel, Tuesday, August 24, 2021.

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According to Denny Darko, if it is violated, it will have fatal consequences for those who marry, their age will not be long and divorce will occur.

“His life will be filled with misfortune and they will never be happy. Is this myth true? we will immediately see using my card, “ said Denny Darko.

Furthermore, Denny Darko while showing The Chariot card said that all this time, before the Islamic New Year, he often received invitations.

“Even though it’s virtual or just getting married at the penghulu, there will usually be a lot because they are chasing the show to avoid this month of muharram or syuro earlier,” said Denny Darko.

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Furthermore, said Denny Darko, after the suro month, those who want to get married are afraid because this is an ancient animism or dynamism habit.

“Those who say that if this (the wedding) is in that month, they will be hit by a disaster.”

“This is one thing that many people believe in, but yes we know nowadays everything has to be logical,” said Denny Darko.

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