Looking for a husband, this girl wants a man who can make 10 rounds a night | Most Exciting

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Most Fun – This one woman sets criteria that are quite different from the others. determining certain criteria for prospective partners such as setting a dowry of several million, having a good-looking face, hardworking, etc., is the will of each. However, this woman actually wants a future husband who can endure rounds from morning to night.

“Marriage conditions with me? Night 10 rounds. Afternoon 5 rounds. Afternoon 3 rounds, morning 7 rounds. Can you not?” said the woman.

She wanted to have a husband who was so strong in bed that he could do dozens of rounds in one day. Then, the upload went viral and got various reactions from netizens.

The netizens could not understand the criteria for women who think more about sex. However, there are also netizens who are positive thinking that the “round” this woman is referring to is a traditional drink.


“Here, let me tell you if you’re married, you want to be like that, don’t be lazy, you don’t know how it feels,” wrote @callcing.

“It’s scary, aren’t you afraid of being stabbed and then a hole through your back?” said @rinkawonjin.

“In fact, it’s not like that, for sure 4 rounds have passed out,” said @eskopiiiiiiii.

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