Melanie Putria Didn’t Expect Her Story with Her Prospective Husband Like in a Fairy Tale

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1NEWS – Melanie Putria immediately relinquished her widow status. Recently he was proposed to by his girlfriend, Aldico Sapardan on a helicopter flying in the sky of Jakarta.

The pain and disappointment caused by the divorce that Melanie Putria felt some time ago are now gradually disappearing and replaced by happiness. Melanie has found happiness in Aldico Sapardan.

“Some friends asked through my DM. “How does it feel to fall in love again?” Never imagined and never expected to have the opportunity to feel pleasure as happy as this, I answered

“I used to believe in fairy tales. When I was a little girl, I’m obsessed with Princesses. I grew up as a woman who believed in the phrase Live Happily Ever After. My view of love was like in a fairy tale. In the past,” she continued.

“With time and the journey of life, I bury it and press deeply into my view of that love. I think, let’s just be realistic. This is the real life. Not a fairy tale. I’m not a Princess and this ain’t a fairy tale anyway. Just dreaming about being treated like a princess, don’t you dare,” said Melanie Putria again.

Suddenly a man came with a package like in a fairy tale. Not just talking, but he showed seriousness towards himself. Aldico called Melanie Putria gives all the flavors that he had thought only existed in fairy tales or princess stories.

“All the feelings that have been buried and I dare not let them exist. He dared to prove that I deserve to be loved and managed to change back all my views on love and hope. Happiness forever is not a fairy tale. This is a choice. And I choose you,” Melanie said on her Instagram, Friday (27/8).

Judging from his Instagram, Aldico is a specialist in Orthopedics and Traumatology. The owner’s full name is Aldico Juniarto Sapardan and he practices at the Sumber Waras Hospital in Jakarta. He is a widower with one child.


Writer Indra Kurniawan

Editor Suyanto Soemohardjo


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