Melanie Putria was proposed on a helicopter, it turns out that this is her fiancé’s job

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Melanie Putria and partner.  Photo: Instagram

Actress and Miss Indonesia 2002 winner Melanie Putria recently shared her happy moment on Instagram. The reason is, Melanie Putria has just been proposed in a unique, romantic and memorable way. Yes, he was wooed on a helicopter that was flying.

Melanie accepted the proposal with joy. The woman born in 1982 admitted that she still wants to achieve many dreams, accompanied by her partner.

“Dear sweetheart, there are still so many dreams that I want to achieve, and I want you to be there to accompany me to achieve them. I will be there to accompany you always with all the shortcomings that I have. May Allah always protect and bless our good intentions to continue to love one another, take care of one another and love one another in every step of our way. Amen, God, amen,” he wrote.

Proposed in an unusual way, Melanie Putria also called her love story like a fairy tale.

“I never imagined and never expected to have the opportunity to feel this joy and happiness, I answered… there was this one human who came with the fairy tale package. He doesn’t just talk, he shows. He gave. He let me feel all the feelings that I thought only existed in fairy tales, princess stories, fairy tales or whatever it was called.”

Melanie Putria and partner. Photo: Instagram

Fiance figure

The figure of Melanie Putri’s fiancé, apparently named Aldico Sapardan, is none other than a doctor and orthopedic surgeon and traumatologist. In addition, he is also the co-founder of the health and beauty clinic, Jakarta Life Sciences & Aesthetics. Aldico himself is known to already have one son.

Through his personal Instagram page, Aldico often shares his daily life at work. One of the most touching and memorable moments was when he had to operate on his own father. Aldico said he had mixed feelings when his father asked him to carry out the surgical procedure.

Aldico Sapardan, Melanie Putria's fiancé.  Photo: Instagram
Aldico Sapardan, Melanie Putria’s fiancé. Photo: Instagram

“Perhaps I have had hundreds of patients who have had surgery like this, but I was asked to perform an operation on your father, how come it feels a bit like that… Alhamdulillah, the operation process went very smoothly. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for the recovery period, which I hope will also go well.” he wrote on January 2, 2021.

Aldico also often shares his favorite moments from automotive to soccer. Apart from that, he also often takes vacations and visits various tourist attractions, both at home and abroad.

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