Normalization Doesn’t Invite These 5 Types of People to Marriage. Safe Budget, Your Party is More Comfortable

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Have you ever on a quiet day, suddenly a wedding invitation come to you? It takes a few minutes to hours to remember who is the person whose name is written as the prospective bride there. When you think about it again, it turns out that you might only meet him once or it turns out that he is a friend of the same company but has a very different placement so you rarely say hello. Instead of being happy, you will even wonder why this invitation came with a label with your name on it.

I don’t know what the reason is, but it turns out that there are some invited guests that should be reconsidered. Don’t just because you don’t feel good or just want to increase your quota to enliven the event so that even names that are not so familiar are asked to come. Well, here is a list of people who should be normalized for not invited, let’s check anyone!

1. The school period is said to be the most beautiful time, but that doesn’t mean everyone who fills those days must also be invited to the wedding

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Starting from kindergarten to high school, there might be around 100 of our classmates in total, even though not all of them are still actively exchanging news until now. There are even those who meet on the street are already pangling. So, you might want to reconsider inviting only those who are in active contact with you to be invited.

2. Your coworkers may now be the people you see most often, but you don’t have to include them all on the guest list.

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You start to need to filter which ones you communicate intensely with, maybe just teammates if your company is a large company. If the wedding is more private, then you can invite those who are invited to communicate on a daily basis, the rest can watch through link streaming just.

3. The frills of relatives often make us uncomfortable not to invite, but if the genealogy is far away, it’s okay to cross out

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Siblings like cousins ​​from your father and mother may still be on the priority list in your guest book, but if your child’s brother is his aunt, his cousin’s niece, your mother’s niece, it’s better to think twice. The way to consider it is if you got an invitation from him or one day you got an invitation from him, would you be happy, burdened, or just normal?

4. He may have been your closest friend in the past but apparently time can change your relationship. Try to check when was the last time you said hello

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No matter how close you were in the past, you need to double check when you last made contact. If it’s been more than five years, it’s okay to delete it from the invite list. After all, he might even be surprised and awkward when suddenly invited.

5. It might go awry if you want to invite your ex who used to be your number one listener. Hmm, please don’t be upset ‘Duh, invite me or not?’

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Inviting your ex or not actually really depends on how your relationship with him is now. If you feel okay or even if you are friends and he has a partner, you might be able to invite him. However, if it will only cloud your wedding atmosphere because your partner feels uncomfortable or if he still has feelings, you should not bother sending invitations.

Besides being able to cut your budget, reconsidering some of these invitation lists can also make your event run more comfortably. If you are confused about whether someone should be invited or not, try to imagine what he will think when the invitation reaches his hands later.


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