Not only writing is prohibited from debt, 11 funny warnings in this store are proof of the difficulty of dealing with buyers

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In running a business, each store certainly has its own way to have regular customers and sell well. Starting from doing unique marketing tricks, making the store different from other stores, and maybe there are many more that cannot be mentioned one by one. In reality, dealing with customers is not an easy matter. Especially if it’s the same job that is borrowing, it’s really complicated!

So, don’t be surprised if many shops give a “no debt” warning to prevent this. Getting here, it seems that the warnings found in the shop are not only about the prohibition of borrowing. As the behavior of customers became increasingly absurd, it was only natural that these shops would give a series of ridiculous warnings like the one below.

1. Even though CCTV has been installed, if people are desperate, they are still desperate. Well lo, to be given a warning like this, right?

Let there be no thieves / Credit: Twitter nocontextwarung

2. For those who want to steal this thing, it’s better to think about it first instead of piling up sins. After all, it turns out that there are also thieves like that, right? There’s nothing~

Just a reminder / Credit: Twitter nocontextwarung

3. Wow, this is too troublesome if you don’t have internal energy, you can’t enter the shop, right? I have to join this hermitage first

Mandatory use of internal energy / Credit: Twitter nocontextwarung

4. People often don’t use their feelings when bidding, it’s only natural to be given a warning like this. That’s why it’s only natural!

Terlanjur annoyed / Credit: Twitter nocontextwarung

5. It’s not enough to keep a distance of 1 meter, in order to maintain safety and health together, the distance that must be maintained is not half-hearted. Jump 100 meters!

Totalitas / Credit: Twitter nocontextwarung

6. I’m also sorry, if the tester can’t even be tried, how will the customer know? Use mysticism like this

Don’t try / Credit: Twitter nocontextwarung

7. Maybe it’s because there are so many incidents of helmet theft around this shop, but why did the head have to be brought in anyway?

For the sake of safety together / Credit: Twitter nocontextwarung

8. If it’s like this, I don’t think there will be a thief who dares to enter. Afraid to eat later hiiiiiii~

Very loud / Credit: Lolhome

9. The merchandise is there, but the one selling it is not there. It seems like those who want to buy are told to be patient to wait for the next time, right?

LPG available / Credit: 1cak

10. I want to tell the buyer that what is in the refrigerator is not a cold drink, because a lot of people are sure to yell. But that’s not the concept either!

Not cool at all / Credit: 1cak

11. Like the world of work, outside you can be friends, but if it’s a business, it’s still a business. Debt is the most forbidden thing!

No debt / Credit: Twitter nocontextwarung

Even though it seems so funny and absurd, sometimes things like that indirectly become a source of your attention. Trick marketing there is nothing, yes.

But, sometimes there are also shop owners who make warnings like that because they are so annoyed with customers who don’t understand.

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