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Persik Kediri coach Joko Susilo highlighted the physical condition of his players after they were beaten 0-1 by Bali United in the inaugural Indonesian League 1 2021-2022 match, Friday.

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“Physical players only last about 70 minutes, after that it decreases. This is indeed one of the obstacles,” said Joko after the match at the Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK), Jakarta.

According to him, the declining physical condition is the reason for the reduced concentration of his foster children, especially at the end of the match.

This situation was finally used by Bali United to create a goal in the 83rd minute through Muhammad Rahmat’s kick.

“However, despite some of the obstacles that exist, I appreciate the players who have tried to perform optimally,” said Joko.

Dany Saputra, Persik’s left-back and captain in the match against Bali United, also admitted that his team conceded about seven minutes before the game ended.

But for Dany, apart from the physical problem, the reason for the conceded was mental. The “White Tiger” squad players are considered nervous about undergoing the opening match of League 1.

“The first game in the league is difficult. God willing, this will be a valuable asset to look at the next matches,” said the 30-year-old footballer.

Winger Muhammad Rahmat’s single goal in the 83rd minute brought Bali United to beat Persik Kediri with a score of 1-0 in the inaugural match of the 2021-2022 Indonesian League 1 at SUGBK, Jakarta, Friday.

Rahmat who entered from the bench managed to score the ball into the goal after utilizing Melvin Platje’s bait.

Three points from the party made Bali United, the 2019 Liga 1 champions, lead the 2021-2022 Liga 1 standings.


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