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Persita Tangerang manager, I Nyoman Suryanthara, admitted that his party had a special mission to use many young players in the BRI Liga 1 2021/2022.

According to I Nyoman, this breakthrough was made as a form of Persita’s commitment to attracting young Indonesian footballers.

Persita Tangerang uses 30 players to compete in the BRI Liga 1 2021/2022. In the list, five of them are young players under the age of 23 years.

They are Flavio Cameron (19), Rifky Dwi Septiawan (19), Altalariq Ballah (20), Duta Atapelwa (20), Adittia Gigis (22). These players play a role in the back, center and front lines.

“This is part of Persita’s commitment to being able to produce superior football seeds,” said I Nyoman Suryanthara.

“Later on, their performance will be evaluated continuously by the coaching team. Hopefully it will remain consistent and be able to match the standard of the senior game,” said I Nyoman Suryanthara.

Persita Tangerang will face Persipura Jayapura in the opening match of BRI Liga 1 2021/2022, Saturday (28/8/2021) night WIB. The match, which was held at Pakansari Stadium, Cibinong, was the first in the competition after the 2013 Indonesian Super League.

Coach Widodo Cahyono Putro admitted that he did not want to rely on a trial victory against Persipura Jayapura. Widodo said that the victory over Persipura was important, but could not be used as a reference.

As is known, Persita won 3-1 over Persipura in a test match some time ago. Widodo assesses that his team will go all out to win the duel in the first week of BRI League 1.

“I think the reference from the trial is only a few percent for our confidence to go into the competition. So, I have spoken to the players, don’t let it be used as a benchmark for our success in a trial,” Widodo said.

“So preparation is more important in preparing for this competition. More optimal readiness before after the trial. We don’t have to think trials can beat. That’s not a guarantee,” said Widodo.

Persita Full Squad
Goalkeepers: Annas Fitranto, Try Hamdani Goentara, Rahmanudin, Dhika Bayangkara

Behind: Adam Mitter, Muhammad Toha, Edo Febriansah, Herwin Tri Saputra, Agung Praseto, M. Duta Atapelwa, Dallen Doke, Syaeful Anwar, Kevin Gomes

Middle: Bae Sin-yeong, Adittia Gigis, Taufiq Febriyanto, Flavio Cameron, Billy Keraf, Ade Jantra Lukmana, Rifky Dwi Septiawan, Raphael Maitimo, Harrison Cardoso

Front: Aldi Al Achya, Altalariq Ballah, Chandra Waskito, Andre Agustiar, Sirvi Arvani, Irsyad Maulana, Alex Goncalves, Ahmad Nur Hardianto


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