PSM coach says Liga 1 will be the main spectacle for the Indonesian public | 1NEWS

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The head coach of the PSM Makassar club, Milomir Seslija, said that the 2021/22 BRI Liga 1, which starts on August 27, would be the main spectacle for the Indonesian public.

This 57-year-old tactician assesses that the Indonesian people now really need an entertaining spectacle to relieve stress due to the huge demands of life during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The PSM Makassar coach also views the 2021/22 Liga 1 as an example considering that football is the number one sport in the archipelago and has been accepted by every element of society.

“I have played and coached in Malaysia and many other countries. In my opinion, Indonesian fans are the most loyal and fanatical,” said Milomir Seslija to, Wednesday (25/08/21).

“The Indonesian public who really loves football will be very happy when they see their idol club compete. Now, they have got their entertainment,” said the man from Bosnia Herzegovina again.

Just to remind you, Liga 1 has been suspended since March 16, 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic which made PSM Makassar and 17 other clubs suspended.

Furthermore, Seslija is very confident that the BRI Liga 1 2021/22 broadcast will later become a moodbooster for the Indonesian public.

This is inseparable from the experience during the 2021 Menpora Cup pre-season tournament a few months ago which had a very high rating.

“Especially if they are very busy and only come home from work at night, of course they will be entertained when they see their idol club compete,” said Seslija.

According to the schedule prepared by PT Liga Indonesia Baru, PSM Makassar will meet Arema FC, Milomir Seslija’s former club in the inaugural week of BRI Liga 1 2021/22.


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