Radja Sindires People Who Want To Be Famous Via ‘KAVIR’, His Newest Single

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Radja Sindir People Who Want To Be Popular Via 'KAVIR', His Newest Single

Posted on: 08/28/21 at 10:00 am

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Radja just released ‘KAVIR’ as single latest. As a form of their anxiety towards people who want to become famous on social media by doing sensational things. The attention and popularity on social media has indeed made many people tempted. Not infrequently people justify any means to become famous. This apparently intrigued Modyansyah M alias Moldy, the guitarist for this pop rock band, to write the song with the title.

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The title ‘KAVIR’ itself is unique. In accordance with the contents of the song, ‘KAVIR’ is an abbreviation of “you are viral”.
“A person who cannot be separated from gadgets, especially cellphones, because according to him cellphones are everything, starting from venting, existing, updates news and others until it becomes viral, all through cellphones. Everything is posted via cellphone, I don’t even care same As long as morals can go viral, their job is to post every day because they hope it’s trending,” said Moldy.

“So basically, according to him, if you can do all of that, there is a possibility that you will go viral, KAVIR,” he continued.

According to Moldy, the creation of ‘KAVIR’ departed from their observations of the daily life of today’s society. For Radja, the things they try to insinuate in the song are done by the majority of the people around them.

“This song was created from an incident that is currently being done by almost everyone. Yes, this is a real incident before our eyes,” said Moldy.

The concept of Radja in the MV ‘KAVIR’

To support the release of ‘KAVIR’, the band consisting of Ian Kasella (vocals), Moldy (guitar), Indra (bass), and Seno (drums) also released a video clip of the song.

Radja deliberately adjusted the concept of the video clip with the lyrics of ‘KAVIR’.

“In the story, there is an ABG girl who wants to exist with her style and behavior, taking pictures with the vocalist, dressing like an artist, posting for walks, hanging out, going to the salon, plus several scenes. perform in band, said Moldy.

The video clip was shot in several locations in Central Jakarta. Places used as shooting locations include cafes, salons and shopping centers. According to Radja, the process of composing the ‘KAVIR’ video clip is more time consuming than composing the song. Because, they deliberately make the song lightly so that it is easy to digest.

“With a simple song and easy listening So the production is very easy, the long one is the video clip process because it has to involve many parties,” said Moldy.

“Hopefully the music industry will be busier and all of Radja’s latest works can be accepted and enliven the country’s music scene,” Moldy hoped.

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Ok, enjoy listening to the MV (Music Video) ‘KAVIR’ from Radja.

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