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Circulating viral video showing the car rolled over on the beach. It is known that the incident occurred in Pakistan. The video was uploaded by a Facebook account called Ofroad Club Pakistan.

To be precise, on Thursday (19/08/2021), a white Toyota Fortuner car took action drifting on the coastline. But the action ended in disaster. How’s the story? Check out the full information below.

Car swerving at high speed

Toyota Fortuner rolls over on the beach [sumber gambar]

A Fortuner car driver did drifting while carrying a passenger in the back seat. The white car was seen swerving at high speed on a Pakistani coast. At first the action still looked safe because it was driving on the hard sand of the beach.

The car rolled over to become a public spectacle

But action drifting This did not last long, because a few moments later the Fortuner’s car started to become unstable. The car lost control and was too close to the beach. Finally the car failed to turn perfectly and rolled to the left side. Residents who knew of the incident immediately rescued the passengers and the driver of the car. They survived without serious injuries.

However, the Fortuner car suffered severe damage. The side of the car body was dented, the mirrors were broken, the windows were broken, the wheels and tires were also heavily damaged. Losses suffered by car owners are estimated at hundreds of millions of rupiah. Moreover, the car had plunged into sea water.

What is drifting?

National racer Rifat Sungkar explains drifting is an automotive sport that emphasizes beauty. Common people know drifting with the term ‘hanging out’. To do drifting, the driver must tilt the position of the car in a condition that is still moving.

Drifting [sumber gambar]

Of course drifting not easy to do. Rifat Sungkar explained that not just any car can be used for this attraction. Cars equipped with rear-wheel drive and pre-installedupgrade optimally is a vehicle that can be used for this activity.

What do the experts say?

According to Jakarta Defensive Driving Consulting (JDDC) Training Director Jusri Pulubuhu, the car accident in Pakistan could be caused by several factors. One of them is driver negligence. Jusri emphasized that the driver was not calculating and unprofessional. They also tend to be impulsive and do things as they please.

Toyota Fortuner rolls over on the beach [sumber gambar]

In addition, the place and the car used also do not meet the specifications for drifting. Jusri explained that the accident occurred due to a slip on the rear tire. This condition causes the centrifugal force but is restrained by the sand and water so that it rolls to the side.

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Do drifting in public places, such as roads, beaches, and so on are actually illegal activities, because they do not meet the standards drifting. If you want to do this action, you should master the technique. Don’t forget, make sure we use the right car specifications and do it at a location that is intended for you drifting.

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