Saudi Arabia Allows Direct Flights For Expats from Red List Countries | 1NEWS

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Alhamdulillah, Indonesia is included

Indonesian Consul General Eko Hartono welcomed the Saudi decision. He admitted that Saudi Arabia finally lifted the travel suspension for Indonesian citizens.

“Although this decision will only benefit a small part of the Indonesian people, we are waiting for the big news for the direct entry of all Indonesians who received two doses of vaccine from their country of origin,” said Eko.

He also said that Indonesia, as the country with the largest Muslim population with 265 million people, was able to withstand a large spike in coronavirus cases in a short time.

“We have managed to reduce the number of coronavirus cases from 50,000 to less than 10,000 in two months and this number will drop to a minimum in a few weeks,” Eko said.

Saudi Arabia has temporarily suspended all international flights starting March 15, 2020, following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Although the suspension of international flight services was lifted after one year on 17 May 2021, it does not apply to 20 countries due to the coronavirus situation in those countries.

The countries affected by the ban are Argentina, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Portugal, Turkey, South Africa, Lebanon and Egypt, Germany, United States of America, Japan, Ireland, Italy, United Kingdom, Sweden, Confederation Switzerland and France, quoted from Saudi Gazette.

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