Shandy Aulia was reported to the police, here are the full facts

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Enter a New Stage!  Shandy Aulia Reported to the Police, Here Are the Facts

The name of the beautiful actress Shandy Aulia has recently been in the spotlight because of the defamation case that is happening to her. Launching from, yesterday, Friday (27/8), Shandy Aulia was reported to the police by a citizen named Laura Aprilya on suspicion of defamation.

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Shandy Aulia Reported to Police

“Reporting a criminal act of defamation through electronic media,” wrote a Laura report file that was spread among journalists. Not only that, the fact that Shandy Aulia was reported to the police is also related because he is considered to have violated Article 45 paragraph (3) of the ITE Law in conjunction with Articles 310 and 311 of the Criminal Code.

In fact, attorney Laura Aprilya said Shandy would be reported with multiple articles, including Article 27 paragraph 3 and Article 32.

“And about whether the articles are layered, I prove they are layered,” said the lawyer, as quoted from

“So today I can prove that the facts of what we say are consistent,” he continued.

In addition to the defamation case, Laura and her attorney are trying to drag Shandy Aulia on suspicion of clandestine gambling.

“Reports of several social media accounts, including Shandy Aulia and other accounts affiliated with gambling. We personally have public and private reports,” said Laura’s attorney.

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Shandy Aulia’s mother was dragged along

Shandy Aulia Source: Instagram @shandyaulia

In addition, the Shandy Aulia case reported to the police turned out to have made Shandy Aulia’s mother, Elsye Dopong, also dragged into her daughter’s case. Elsye was also reported with the article on defamation.

Laura Aprilya’s attorney, Rinto Maha, said that his party would immediately make a report to the Directorate of Cyber ​​Crimes at the National Police’s Criminal Investigation Department.

“His mother will also be reported. We will report this on behalf of Elsye, we will report it, we are not satisfied,” said Rinto Maha, as quoted from Laura Aprilya reported Shandy’s mother with Article 27 paragraph (3) of Law Number 19 of 2016 concerning defamation.

However, when asked about the words or actions of Shandy Aulia’s mother which were considered defamatory, Rinto did not answer.

Laura Denies Riding Popularity

Because of her feud with Shandy, many people accused Laura of social climbing. However, this was also denied. On one occasion, he said that he was not interested in that.

“If you want social assistance from the start, please. There were lawyers who offered to invite war, but I said I didn’t want to, I wanted to go home, I wanted peace, I went home calmly,” said Laura, as quoted from

His party also emphasized that there was no profit he got from the feud. Openly, he also invited the public to check his savings account.

“I can check my account if I benefit from it,” he added.

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The Case Has Been Rolling For A Long Time

Shandy Aulia threatens to report insults to her child

Actually, the feud between Shandy Aulia and a nurse from Manado has indeed been going on for a long time. Initially, Shandy Aulia was furious because Laura’s comments were considered insulting to the upbringing of herself and her only daughter, Claire Herbowo.

“Mbak Shandy who is always in denial. The indicator for a healthy toddler is weight and signs of a baby being malnourished, including corn silk. Claire is already a malnourished child. Just weigh it at the puskesmas posyandu, it will immediately report malnutrition,” wrote Laura on June 25, 2021. Furthermore, Laura added that Claire may experience slow growth.

“So fat must mean healthy, what is unhealthy is obesity. It can be seen by naked eye that Claire’s development is slow. Mbah Shandy just doesn’t hang out with other toddlers, so he thinks Claire is really smart,” he added.

It didn’t stop there, Laura also said that it would be difficult for Claire to get the best ranking in school. “Believe me, once she is in elementary school, you will cry a lot because even a 20th rank will be difficult for her to get!” Laura wrote.

Furthermore, Laura said that she did not like Shandy’s upbringing. “So far, Ms. Shan has no comparison. I don’t agree with despicable people, but I have noticed that Ms. is getting more and more denial and burdensome,” he explained.


This is the latest development of the Shandy Aulia case. I hope that everything will soon find a light and end peacefully, okay? Parents.

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