Sitha Marino to Bastian: If I’m not with you, I can’t get married

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Bastian Steel and Sitha Marino.  Photo: Instagram

Bastian Steel and Sitha Marino are indeed known as one of the young couples who often indulge in intimacy. Recently, Sitha Marino was challenged to express her feelings to Bastian. The younger sister of actress Putri Marino is grateful because Bastian has made her more confident and dares to appear as herself.

“Bastian, thank you very much for teaching Sitha a lot of lessons. From what Sitha never believed in herself, Sitha finally started to learn to love herself Sitha. Sitha believes that Sitha can, since your arrival Sitha has become more and more herself,” he said, quoted from Bastian S’s YouTube channel on Saturday, August 28, 2021.

Not only that, Sitha also admitted that she had been introduced to the Bastian family. According to him, Bastian’s extended family is very good.

“Thank you too for introducing me to your parents and I really love them. I really like all of your family, from your uwa-uwa, I like everything. They’re so kind, so nice.”

Bastian Steel and Sitha Marino. Photo: Instagram

Sitha advised Bastian to lower his ego and temperament more.

“His ego was put down, temperits reduced a bit, if we want this relation to work, we have to work together as a team, we fight the problem, not me against you. I’m proud to know you personally,” he said in English.

Sitha also said that she would not marry and date again if her relationship with Bastian Steel ran aground. She admitted that she wanted Bastian to be her last partner.

“If I break up with you, I probably not gonna get married. I already, if I’m not with you, I can not marry again. I can’t be dating. I’m done with relationship because I already I really love you so much. So please God, hear my prayer now. I just really want you to be my last.

Sitha Marino & Bastian Steel.  Photo: Instagram
Sitha Marino & Bastian Steel. Photo: Instagram
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