Spontaneous Sex, Spontaneous Sex That Makes a Sticky Relationship

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Sex Positions for PCOS Girls

The stress that occurs during this pandemic does have an impact on a person’s sex life. Possible Parents also realized it. Launch BestLife Online, many parties miss sex life when the pandemic has not occurred globally, especially spontaneous sex or spontaneous sex.

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A survey initiated by Forial showed, 73 percent of people they expect will get spontaneous sex or spontaneous sex. Then, what exactly is meant by spontaneous sex?

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Benefits of Spontaneous Sex

Launching from Psychology Today, spontaneous sex seen as the gold standard in lovemaking, as it is in the movies. This sexual activity occurs when two people both have a passion that swells at the same time without any planning to have sex beforehand.

However, sex will happen spontaneously or just like that. Besides being fun, spontaneous sex also has various benefits, you know. Here are some of them.

Spontaneous Sex is Good for Relationships

Some experts say that spontaneous sex does have several benefits, one of which can make relationships better. Spontaneous sex is considered not only to attract a partner’s interest, but can also be used to maintain it.

Spontaneous sex can increase the passion in a relationship so as to make love feel exciting. In addition, spontaneous sex can also provide relaxation in the midst of the unfinished pandemic crisis.

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Scheduled Sex Can Still Have an Air of Spontaneity

If spontaneous sex difficult to do for various reasons, Parents can still have scheduled sex with a spontaneous sex atmosphere.

If Parents and couples are busy and need to schedule sex, Parents can still give a little spontaneous touch. Launching from healthline, Parents can schedule sex, but don’t have to plan what to do. Let everything flow and leave all possibilities open. Thus, many surprises will occur when Parents and couples love each other.

Tips Spontaneous sex for Parents

Spontaneous Sex, Spontaneous Sex That Makes a Sticky Relationship

Maybe sex spontaneously becomes something difficult Parents think. Moreover, for Parents who already have children. Maybe having scheduled sex is a difficult thing because you are busy taking care of the baby. However, it turns out that spontaneous sex can still be done. We give some tips spontaneous sex for Parents who already have children.

Flirt with partner

If sex life Parents feels dry, maybe you can start with simple things. Parents can seduce a partner through naughty eyes like newlyweds used to. Quoted from Motherly, a marriage consultant advises couples who have been married for a long time to flirt with each other like the beginning of their relationship. Might be able to do small things like flirt or send messages flirting.

Spend quality time together without kids

Quality family time is very important. So is quality time for parents without kids. It’s very important to go out for a romantic dinner or try a new activity together. Even though they have children, Parents You must spend time together and have fun with your partner.

Parents may be able to schedule a night or a day for just the two of you, without the kids. Spontaneous sex experience may be started from a romantic dinner.

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Sex doesn’t have to be in bed

Spontaneous Sex, Spontaneous Sex That Makes a Sticky Relationship

Having sex is not only in bed. With spontaneous sex, Parents can have sex anywhere. Maybe you can make love on the dinner table after a romantic dinner. Or you might just randomly rent a hotel room to build a different atmosphere.


Well, those are some of the benefits and tips for doing it spontaneous sex, Parents. Sometimes, this activity can be done to build and strengthen intimacy with a partner, you know.

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