Stepfather Performs Weird Ritual, Overpowers Two Stepchildren At Wife’s Order

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The strange rituals of Rusdi (45) and Indrawati (44) brought him behind bars.

Initially this husband and wife intend to eliminate the evil spirit that is in the body of their children.

But the ritual is too late, even the future of their child is at stake. The two teenagers must be willing to be bullied by their stepfather with the excuse of throwing away evil spirits.

Kasatreskrim Polrestro South Jakarta, Commissioner Andi Sinjaya revealed, the two suspects are suspected of committing acts of molestation against his two daughters, M (16) and P (23).

Rusdi himself is the stepfather of the two girls.

“In this case, the perpetrator or the two suspects are the biological mother and stepfather, where the victim is the biological child of the mother. The reason is that this is a ritual that is believed to be carried out on the grounds that their offspring are free from disturbances of spirits. This is the belief of the the perpetrator,” explained Kompol Andi when releasing this case at the South Jakarta Police Headquarters, Thursday (7/2/2021).

The ritual is carried out by beating the victim and relating like an adult.

The victim thought this was unnatural so she reported it to the police on charges of sexual abuse.

“The role of the mother is to direct her two children to go through such a ritual. Meanwhile, her husband is the one who does the ritual. In turn, the two children are ordered by them, the reason is because the ritual is to be free from interference from spirits. This has been done several times and finally this problem is known to the public. victim’s family and reported,” said Commissioner Andi.

Meanwhile, the two perpetrators when questioned by reporters refused if the ritual they carried out was obscene.

Indrawati said that she had been married to a man who according to customary rules was not allowed. Their marriage was ruined and they divorced.

In fact, the two daughters of the marriage, he said, had bad character and character.

“The ban has been passed down from generation to generation because it’s one tribe. You can’t get married at all, but my ex-husband and I were married. So there must be a ritual. So that the child doesn’t have bad luck,” he said.

He said, his two daughters have been living like without rules.

“The first child who reported that I was pregnant is not clear. His sister is also free to hang out. This ritual is for my child. And there was no sexual intercourse, that my child was lying,” said Indrawati, which was agreed by her husband.

The two perpetrators were detained at his residence in the Cilandak area, South Jakarta. Both are subject to Article 76 letter E jo 82 of the Republic of Indonesia Law No. 35 of 2014 concerning child protection, the threat of 15 years.


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