The content of lemon peel is effective in killing cancer cells, prove it!

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1NEWS – Lemon peel contains its D-limonene which has high antioxidant properties. Various studies have also found that the skin of this fruit can slow the growth of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.

Reporting from Boldsky, flavonoids in lemon peels are associated with a reduced risk of several types of cancer. Vitamin C which is also contained in lemon peel can support the growth of white blood cells, so that cancer cells can be warded off.

Another lemon content, namely D-limonene, also has anticancer properties.

In a study published in the World Journal of Gastroenterology, D-limonene can fight stomach cancer. One of the reasons, this substance has antiangiogenic properties, namely the property to inhibit the growth of blood vessels of cancer cells.

Although promising, further studies are still needed regarding the benefits of lemon peel to fight cancer.

Not only has the potential to fight cancer, various contents of lemon peel are also reported to maintain heart health. The ingredients that play a role in this amazing benefit are flavonoids, vitamin C, D-limonene, and pectin (the main fiber in lemon peel).

This compound also helps increase levels of good cholesterol or HDL. Pectin, which is the main fiber in lemon peels, is also said to increase the excretion of bile acids produced by the liver and bind cholesterol.

How to process lemon peel for this medicine is very easy. First, make sure to wash the lemons with a baking soda solution before adding them to your favorite foods.

Sprinkle lemon zest on baked goods, salads, or yogurt. Or you can also sprinkle frozen lemon zest on top of soups or drinks. In a drink, mix a toasted lemon zest into a glass of tea to start the day.

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