The family is shocked to see Aditya Zoni wearing a cross necklace, it turns out that he is a religion…

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Actor One Amen Two Faith

The family is shocked to see Aditya Zoni wearing a cross necklace, turns out to be a religious…

Aditya Zoni explained that his family was shocked to see him wearing a cross necklace at home. The explanation was conveyed by Ammar Zoni’s younger brother while doing a live broadcast with his co-stars in the series One Amen Two Faith, Nikita Willy and Dimas Anggara.

Apparently, the cross necklace is one of the things that should not be left behind for filming the series, played by Aditya Zoni. Because in the series, Aditya plays a man who embraces the Catholic religion. What is the full explanation like? Check out the following reviews.

Aditya Zoni changed religion?

Aditya Zoni is one of the actors in the series One Amen Two Faith as Aryans. According to Adit, Aryan is a good person but is strict with his family. Aryan is a man who embraces the Catholic religion who always wears a cross in his daily life.

Therefore, Aditya Zoni should not leave the cross necklace during filming. But one day, Zoe Abbas Jackson’s ex-girlfriend was still wearing a cross necklace when she came home. The family was shocked to see Adit wearing the necklace.

Actor One Amen Two Faith. Source: YouTube

“There’s actually a funny story, you can’t miss this necklace. So yes, I just wore it, and I went home, my family was shocked, I wore this necklace,” said Aditya Zoni, launching Showbiz Kid’s YouTube on Sunday, August 29, 2021.

The 21-year-old actor then immediately explained that the cross necklace he wore was only for filming needs.

“It hasn’t been removed, it’s really funny when you’re shocked, shocked ‘why are you wearing a necklace like this’, (Aditya) ‘no, it’s just a role’, that’s a funny story, you can’t miss it because it’s hard to find it,” he said.

Aditya studying the Bible

On that occasion, Aditya Zoni also explained the differences in the character Aryan he played with his real character in real life. Adit said, Aryan was a Christian, while in real life, Aditya Zoni embraced Islam.

“If the difference is of course in religion, it’s very different, Aryan is Catholic if Aditya Zoni is Muslim. So that’s one of the challenges to do as well. Aryan is a bit of a playboy, my children are fine,” said Aditya Zoni.

On a different occasion, Aditya Zoni explained that he bought a Bible to play the character of a Christian in the series One Amen Two Faith the.

Aditya Zoni
Aditya Zoni. Source: Instagram

“I honestly observed that I bought the bible, I studied it and it turned out to be a challenge, yes, it’s also difficult to play people of different religions,” explained Aditya Zoni during a live broadcast with Nikita Willy.

Aditya Zoni also learns how Catholics pray through YouTube. According to the actor whose full name is Muhammad Aditya Warman, playing the character Aryan has its own challenges.

“I was born and educated in Islam, right, in this series I played the role of a Catholic, so how do I find references, I bought a Bible about Catholicism, then I open YouTube, how do they pray, how do they socialize, I see The church is different from Protestant, what kind of church is it, it’s quite difficult. Because we can’t be wrong, right, if we are wrong, we are afraid too,” concluded Aditya Zoni.

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