The History of the Establishment of the Bali Kuta Beach Rescue Team

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Kuta Beach Bali has a beach rescue team known as the Tirta Tourism Rescue Agency (Balawista). What is the history of the establishment of this “baywatch” Kuta Beach?
Before being named Balawista, this Kuta Beach rescue team used to be called “Waja Surf Life Saving Guard”. This group is a collection of young people who like sports and nature lovers.

“Initially it was a group of young people who liked sports and nature-loving activities. Starting in the 1965s, we had often practiced physically in nature, including at Kuta Beach, which at that time was still very quiet,” explained the founder of Balawista Kuta, I Gde Berata.

In 1970, while he was at Kuta Beach for physical exercise, Gde Berata met a Caucasian or foreign tourist who was on Kuta Beach. At first, Gde thought that Caucasians were “hippies”, because at that time there were a lot of “hippies”.

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