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  • Share – Once a mystery and full of questions, the perpetrators of the murder of mothers and children in Subang, named Tuti Suhartini (5) and Amalia Mustika Ratu (23) were finally revealed.

The police have pocketed the key evidence until it is ready to be released in the near future.

However, the perpetrators of the murder have not been arrested by the police at this time. The same goes for his identity.

But for sure, Subang Police Chief AKBP Sumarni emphasized that the perpetrators of the murder of the mother and child in the trunk of this car were the closest people.

“Yesterday there was a clue, no door or window was broken. This means that the perpetrators can enter easily, who can enter easily, right?” said the Police Chief.


However, the Police Chief said that his party did not want to be too hasty in determining the suspect, including the mastermind behind the sadistic murder.

Because they still have to wait for the results of the forensic laboratory.

“Right now we are still waiting for the results from the laboratory. But there is already a bright spot. We ask everyone to be patient. God willing, we will definitely release it in the near future,” said the Police Chief, quoted by

In addition, the Police Chief also confirmed that there was more than one perpetrator of the murder.

“Yes, the indications are so, (the perpetrator) is more than one person,” he said.

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