The Story of Pilu Lesti Kejora before Success! Many don’t know, Lesti turns out to be… – Gossip

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There is a story about how hard Lesti’s struggle to join the D’Academy was.

Slowly but surely, the career of dropout Dangdut Academy talent search Lesti Kejora began to improve.

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Several singles have been released after winning the event, including Zapin Melayu, Kejora, Selfish, Open Heart’s Eyes, and Off Style.

Unlike Ayu Ting Ting, Siti Badriah, Via Vallen, to Cita Citata,

Lesti chose classic dangdut instead.

This 21-year-old woman apparently has a mission to introduce original dangdut to millennials.

Not long ago, the girl who is familiarly called Lesti Kejora talked about her reasons for choosing dangdut and her struggles to become a singer.

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Here’s the full interview:

As young people, why did we choose the classic dangdut genre? Isn’t it a trend for the dangdut genre like those sung by Ayu Ting Ting, Siti Badriah to Cita Citata?

Yes, it’s okay.

I want to keep the original dangdut.

Dangdut full of twists.

At the same time, just introduce it to young people, if dangdut is twisted like this, it’s good.

But that doesn’t mean Dede doesn’t like dangdut now like Sibad and Cita Citata.

Now there are so many singles, so when will the album come out?

Dede is currently working on this year’s album.

It turns out that making an album is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand.

Hopefully this year is finished so early 2019 has been released.

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What percentage of the album has been worked on?

Now it’s 75 percent.

In total there will be 10 songs in the first album.

Later there will be several genres that are combined into Dede’s dangdut.

As Dede said, cengkok Malay is maintained but there are other genres.

There are collaborations with other singers on this album. There are also rock and pop genres.

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Lesti Andryani or Lesti D’Academy during a visit to the office, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Monday (30/7/2018) [ Afriyan].

Want a duet with who at this time?

Yes, if dangdut is with Rhoma Irama, it hasn’t been accomplished yet.

Moreover, he introduced dangdut music to people.

If the pop singer wants a duet with Syahrini.

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How was your journey to finally become a successful swordsman?

Yes Dede auditioned, dangdut is full of sacrifices.

Dede defended father escorted him on a motorbike.

To audition for Dangdut Academy. You can rent the motorbike at that time.

Is there an incident that made you sad while riding a motorbike to Jakarta from Bandung?

Yes, at that time Dede brought a dress, it’s like.

Like clothes for an audition.

It was raining on the road, and his clothes were wet.

As a result, when they appeared, they borrowed clothes from the committee as well.

What changes have you experienced after becoming a champion?

There is a change in material terms but the most important thing is Dede’s change in singing technique.

How to maintain voice when singing at an event.

Usually in the event we are asked to sing 8-10 songs.

Now that’s how to maintain the sound quality that is important.

Continue to be taught how to master the stage, so that they can sing on stage.

Controlling the audience.

It is also taught.

It turns out that by learning we become honed.

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body image
Lesti Andryani or Lesti D’Academy during a visit to the office, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Monday (30/7/2018) [ Afriyan].

So, what material has changed?

The material has been obtained, thank God the family has joined in Jakarta.

In the past, when I wanted to sing, I rode a borrowed motorbike.

Now I can’t buy it myself.

It’s also good to be able to buy a car for the family.

What if it’s personal?

Vehicle is the same as residence in Jakarta.

Other material is also good.

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Article published in 2019

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